[short description on artists and their works / 藝術家與作品簡述]

Luke CHING is an artist of versatile art forms and practices, extremely sensitive to its appearing context. His work constantly attend to our city habitat, querying its implict norm and regulations, breaking things down and restructuring them conceptually.

For this gallery exhibition, Luke Ching will exhibit a work from his pin-hole photography series, of another artist's work exhibiting in another gallery space. It forms here and now a subtle commentary on the changing of Hong Kong gallery scene with a there and then.

After receiving his Master of Fine Arts in Chinese University, Luke Ching has been to a wide range of exchange and residency programs, including the PS 1 in New York. He recently started a series of space hijacking projects for Ming Pao Daily. His recent major exhibitions included solo show 2 in 1 (Visual Arts Center) and group show Chinglish (HK Museum of Art).



Joel LAM is one of the outstanding directors for independent film making in Hong Kong. All rounded in directing, script writing, shot editing, he is as much capable to utilize narrative as well as conceptual form in presenting his unique subject matters.

All Code Express to be shown in the exhibition is one of the very few existing feature story on the business of piracy DVD. It touches not only on the strange economical reality, the bizarre psychology of film addicts, but also hints at a troublesome Hong Konger identity.

LAM won the Grand Prize and Gold Award of the 7th Hong Kong Independent Short Film & Video in 2002. Graduated from CALarts, he has been residing in Los Angeles for a while, and just back to Hong Kong , and start teaching in the Baptist University.



LAW Man Lok’s works are constantly playful and the humor of his works owe oftenly to their over serious intents. His eclectic styles, act as camouflage for adapting different contexts, poking into existing scenarios. Rather than insisting to produce “bad painting”, his works recently tend to be more performative.

When June 4th is an art fair, is a video of fictive onlookers’ harsh commentaries on the “Contemporary Chinese Artist” strategy he pretended to adopt. His new works will be around the ambivalence attitude he has towards commercialization of the local and global art scene, lending the emptied form and props of protest.

LAW has just graduated from the London Goldsmith College Master of Fine Arts in 2007, and already included in shows, such as HangART series of YCCA - Young Chinese Contemporary Art in Austria. He has just finished his artist in residency program in Lingnan University.



LEUNG Mee Ping is a notable artist of Hong Kong. Her work is often a half-real construction out of a societal reality, that forces us to reexamine what we took for granted. Very oftenly conceptually based, her works however involves often also surprising degree of manual effort.

Made in Hong Kong / Shenzhen is a group of paintings that Leung participated to produce in Da Fen village, one of the largest painting factories worldwide just beyond our border. Leung however substitute in a new series of images representative of Hong Kong in the eyes of Mainland tourists to update this genre of export painting.

LEUNG studied first in Paris and then in L.A., and exhibiting in numerous local and overseas exhibitions. About to finish her doctoral studies in Cultural Studies, she is now teaching at the Baptist University.



Doris WONG is one of the most promising Hong Kong artists of the younger generation. Her unique practice works mostly around a seemingly simple logic of mimicking, in which authenticity in creation is exchanged for more layered readings and room for second thoughts.

All of her works for the show have to do with her recent employment of miniature models. Fire! is a photographic pun playing on the heated galleries competition, while her new works will be a series of proposed museums for Hong Kong. Alongside their posters, they beg to different from the West Kowloon Cultural District plan ahead.

WONG took the British Chevening Scholarship and finished her Master of Fine Arts in Leeds University in 2005. She has setup her studio in Fotan for some years now. Her works has been included in the Hong Kong Art Biennials and shows in Para/Site Art Space.



[Curator's short bio /客席展覽策劃]

Jaspar LAU Kin Wah graduated from Fine Arts Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. International member of AICA (International Association of Art Critics), he also curates art projects occassionally, including exhibitions such as die Ambivalenz (Goethe Insitut), Organization for Cultural Exchange and Mishap (Para/Site Art Space) and other mMK experimental projects.


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